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 designers_unite - (amyc22)
03:07pm 06/03/2008
amyc22 posting in Designers Unite
I will be creating a layout for the main page of them website.
I was thinking of having a different layout for every page. Just basic templates with funky colours. All designers will have their own portfolio page, so will design that on your own. I would like to approve the page first though to make sure its on the simple, professional yet funky track.

Give me your ideas. Site layouts you like? Anywhere for inspiration?
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05:38pm 12/03/2008 (UTC)
well I like simple and plain layouts with grey and white maybe; but enchanced with a very bold colour (like lime green. god, i love lime green). So yeah, that maybe an idea for the main layout.
I like the idea of having different pages for everyone, but doesn't that take up alot of space if everyone had to upload their own layout?
I usually get bothered by the loading of every header and stuff.

So I thought that maybe we could change layouts monthly (or faster) and let someone else design the layout every time. Have we settled on a domain yet?
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04:43am 17/02/2013 (UTC)
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